Graphite Surface Paddles

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Merlot Red

The POP graphite surfaced paddle is state of art construction utilizing aerospace grade carbon fiber 2 x 2 twill and fiberglass fabric in a matrix of epoxy resin.  Specialized adhesives mechanically bond the nomex honeycomb core to the surface panels and provide a strong yet flexible panel structure that is very light weight  but exceptionally strong.  Each paddle is bonded  individually to assure 100% adhesive adhesion to optimize long paddle life without breakdown and loss of ball strike performance.  Although the POP graphite paddle is considered edgeless there is an integral  bullnose edge that is flush with the hitting surface.  This near seamless edge is embedded in a structural resin base and bonded in permanently.  Vibration dampening cork is used to size the grip and a padded super polythene wrap and tapered end nob round out the paddle.  Natural black and colored POP Graphite paddles are resin pigmented so they will show very little or no ball wear even after 3 years of continuous use.


Surface:  Carbon Graphite/Fiberglass 2 ply

Core: Nomex

Size (length /width): 15 7/8  including handle /  7 3/4″ width including edge

Weight: Min. 7 oz  max 9 oz average 7.5 oz  (custom weights available)

Handle Length: 5 1/4″

Handle Circumference: 4 1/4″  std  (3 7/8″ to 5″ available)

Grip (wrap): Karkal Super PU (padded)

Noise rating (measured in decibels)

Meets USAPA Paddle Standards.

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